Volume 2 Contents

Special Volume on the SAT 2005 competitions and evaluations
Editors: Daniel Le Berre and Laurent Simon

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Daniel Le Berre and Laurent Simon. Preface.


Niklas Eén and Niklas Sörensson. Translating Pseudo-Boolean Constraints into SAT. Volume 2 (2006), pages 1-26.
  • Keywords: pseudo-Boolean, SAT-solver, SAT translation, integer linear programming.
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Harri Haanpää, Matti Järvisalo, Petteri Kaski, and Ilkka Niemelä. Hard Satisfiable Clause Sets for Benchmarking Equivalence Reasoning Techniques. Volume 2 (2006), pages 27-46.
  • Keywords: benchmarking, Boolean satisfiability, equivalence reasoning, satisfiable instances.
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Marijn J. H. Heule and Hans van Maaren. March_dl: Adding Adaptive Heuristics and a New Branching Strategy. Volume 2 (2006), pages 47-59.
  • Keywords: adaptive heuristics, look-ahead, SAT solving, SAT competition.
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Oliver Kullmann. The SAT 2005 Solver Competition on Random Instances. Volume 2 (2006), pages 61-102.
  • Keywords: random satisfiability problems, phase transition, threshold behaviour, critical exponent, SAT competition.
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Vasco M. Manquinho and Olivier Roussel. The First Evaluation of Pseudo-Boolean Solvers (PB'05). Volume 2 (2006), pages 103-143.
  • Keywords: pseudo-Boolean, evaluation, benchmarks.
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Massimo Narizzano, Luca Pulina, and Armando Tacchella. Report of the Third QBF Solvers Evaluation. Volume 2 (2006), pages 145-164.
  • Keywords: quantied Boolean formulas, empirical evaluation, automated reasoning tools.
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Hossein M. Sheini and Karem A. Sakallah. Pueblo: A Hybrid Pseudo-Boolean SAT Solver. Volume 2 (2006), pages 165-189.
  • Keywords: satisfiability, SAT solver, pseudo-Boolean, inference-based learning.
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Research Notes

Olivier Bailleux, Yacine Boufkhad, and Olivier Roussel. A Translation of Pseudo Boolean Constraints to SAT. Volume 2 (2006), research note, pages 191-200.
  • Keywords: pseudo-Boolean, SAT translation.
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Armin Biere and Carsten Sinz. Decomposing SAT Problems into Connected Components. Volume 2 (2006), research note, pages 201-208.
  • Keywords: SAT, connected components.
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Vasco M. Manquinho and João Marques-Silva. On Using Cutting Planes in Pseudo-Boolean Optimization. Volume 2 (2006), research note, pages 209-219.
  • Keywords: pseudo-Boolean optimization, cutting planes, search restarts.
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Klas Markström. Locality and Hard SAT-Instances. Volume 2 (2006), research note, pages 221-227.
  • Keywords: satisfiability, hard instances, resolution, graphs, density.
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Emmanuel Zarpas. Back to the SAT05 Competition: an a Posteriori Analysis of Solver Performance on Industrial Benchmarks. Volume 2 (2006), research note, pages 229-237.
  • Keywords: satisfiability, benchmarking, performances, metrics, industrial problems.
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