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Hans Kleine Büning and Xishun Zhao. The Complexity of Some Subclasses of Minimal Unsatisfiable Formulas. Volume 3 (2007), pages 1-17.
  • Keywords: minimal unsatisfiable formulas, maximal MU, marginal MU, unique satisfiability, disjunctive splitting, complexity.
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Special Issue on Satisfiability Modulo Theories
Editors: Byron Cook and Roberto Sebastiani

Byron Cook and Roberto Sebastiani. Preface.
Clack Barrett, Igor Shikanian, and Cesare Tinelli. An Abstract Decision Procedure for a Theory of Inductive Data Types. Volume 3 (2007), pages 21-46.
  • Keywords: inductive data types, decision procedures, term algebras, satisfiability modulo theories.
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Hyondeuk Kim, Hoonsang Jin, and Fabio Somenzi. Disequality Management in Integer Difference Logic via Finite Instantiations. Volume 3 (2007), pages 47-66.
  • Keywords: theorem prover, SAT solver, difference logic, finite instantiations.
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Sanjit A. Seshia, K. Subramani, and Randal E. Bryant. On Solving Boolean Combinations of UTVPI Constraints. Volume 3 (2007), pages 67-90.
  • Keywords: unit two variable per inequality constraints, Boolean satisfiability, automated theorem proving, integer linear programming, decision procedures, constraint satisfaction, verification, optimization.
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Malay K. Ganai, Muralidhar Talupur, and Aarti Gupta. SDSAT: Tight Integration of Small Domain Encoding and Lazy Approaches in Solving Difference Logic. Volume 3 (2007), pages 91-114.
  • Keywords: SMT solvers, difference logic, lazy approach, small domain encoding, eager approach, range allocation, abstraction, refinement, decision procedure.
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Hans Kleine Büning and Xishun Zhao. An Extension of Deficiency and Minimal Unsatisfiability of Quantified Boolean Formulas. Volume 3 (2007), research note, pages 115-123.
  • Keywords: deficiency, cohesion, QBF, minimal unsatisfiability, minimal falsity.
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Dan Vilenchik. It's All about the Support: A New Perspective on the Satisfiability Problem. Volume 3 (2007), pages 125-139.
  • Keywords: average case analysis, random k-SAT, efficient heuristics, computational complexity.
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Roberto Sebastiani. Lazy Satisability Modulo Theories. Volume 3 (2007), pages 141-224.
  • Keywords: propositional satisfiability, satisfiability modulo theories, decision procedures.
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