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Balázs Szörényi. Disjoint DNF Tautologies with Conflict Bound Two. Volume 4 (2007), pages 1-14.
  • Keywords: disjoint DNF tautologies, decision trees, unsatisfiable hitting clause sets, read-once resolution refutation, conflict bound.
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Miguel F. Anjos. An Extended Semidefinite Relaxation for Satisfiability. Volume 4 (2007), pages 15-31.
  • Keywords: satisfiability, semidefinite programming, discrete optimization, global optimization.
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Sriyankar Acharyya. SAT Algorithms for Colouring Some Special Classes of Graphs: Some Theoretical and Experimental Results. Volume 4 (2007), research note, pages 33-55.
  • Keywords: SAT algorithm, graph colouring, tabu search.
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Yury Chebiryak and Daniel Kroening. Towards a Classification of Hamiltonian Cycles in the 6-Cube. Volume 4 (2008), pages 57-74.
  • Keywords: bitonic sorting network, code equivalence, Gray code, Hamiltonian cycle, hypercube, SAT-solver, symmetry breaking.
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Special Issue on the 2007 Competitions
Editors: Ewald Speckenmeyer, Chu Min Li,
Vasco Manquinho and Armando Tacchella

Armin Biere. PicoSAT Essentials. Volume 4 (2008), pages 75-97.
  • Keywords: SAT solver, watched literals, occurrence lists, proof traces, restarts.
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Marijn J.H. Heule and Hans van Maaren. Parallel SAT Solving using Bit-level Operations. Volume 4 (2008), pages 99-116.
  • Keywords: local search, parallel computing, Boolean Algebra.
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Marijn J.H. Heule and Hans van Maaren. Whose side are you on? Finding solutions in a biased search-tree. Volume 4 (2008), pages 117-148.
  • Keywords: direction heuristics, jumping strategy, look-ahead SAT solvers.
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Duc Nghia Pham, John Thornton, Charles Gretton, and Abdul Sattar. Combining Adaptive and Dynamic Local Search for Satisfiability. Volume 4 (2008), pages 149-172.
  • Keywords: SAT solver, local search, clause weighting, adaptive heuristic.
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Ivor Spence. tts: A SAT-Solver for Small, Difficult Instances. Volume 4 (2008), pages 173-190.
  • Keywords: SAT-solver, difficult instance, variable ordering, simulated annealing, clause memoisation.
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Knot Pipatsrisawat, Akop Palyan, Mark Chavira, Arthur Choi, and Adnan Darwiche. Solving Weighted Max-SAT Problems in a Reduced Search Space: A Performance Analysis. Volume 4 (2008), pages 191-217.
  • Keywords: Max-SAT, constraint relaxation, lower bound computation.
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Wanxia Wei, Chu Min Li, and Harry Zhang. A Switching Criterion for Intensification and Diversification in Local Search for SAT. Volume 4 (2008), pages 219-237.
  • Keywords: SAT, local search, switching criterion, intensification, diversification, distribution of variable weights.
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Federico Heras, Javier Larrosa, Simon de Givry, and Thomas Schiex. 2006 and 2007 Max-SAT Evaluations: Contributed Instances. Volume 4 (2008), pages 239-250.
  • Keywords: Max-SAT problem instances.
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Josep Argelich, Chu-Min Li, Felip Manyà, and Jordi Planes. The First and Second Max-SAT Evaluations. Volume 4 (2008), pages 251-278.
  • Keywords: Max-SAT, Weighted Max-SAT, Partial Max-SAT, Weighted Partial Max-SAT, empirical evaluation, solvers, benchmarks.
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Ewald Speckenmeyer, Armando Tacchella, Vasco Manquinho, and Chu Min Li. Guest Editors Conclusion.