Volume 5 Contents

Special Volume on Application of Constraints to Formal Verification
Editor: Miroslav Velev

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Miroslav N. Velev. Editor's Introduction to the Special Volume on Application of Constraints to Formal Verification.


Sean Safarpour, Andreas Veneris, and Rolf Drechsler. Improved SAT-based Reachability Analysis with Observability Don't Cares. Volume 5 (2008), pages 1-25.

  • Keywords: SAT solver, reachability analysis, model checking, observability don't cares.
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Javier Esparza, Stefan Kiefer, and Stefan Schwoon. Abstraction Refinement with Craig Interpolation and Symbolic Pushdown Systems. Volume 5 (2008), pages 27-56.
  • Keywords: model-checking, abstraction refinement, Craig interpolation, BDDs, pushdown systems.
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Masahiro Fujita, Kenshu Seto, and Thanyapat Sakunkonchak. Dependence Graph Based Verification and Synthesis of Hardware/Software Co-Designs with SAT Related Formulation. Volume 5 (2008), pages 57-82.
  • Keywords: SAT-solver, lookahead, equivalence reasoning, local learning.
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Viviana Bruno, Luz Garcia, Sergio Nocco, and Stefano Quer. Stressing Symbolic Scheduling Techniques within Aircraft Maintenance Optimization. Volume 5 (2008), pages 83-110.
  • Keywords: Boolean satisfiability, SAT-solvers, timed automata, Petri nets, scheduling, planning.
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Sergio Nocco and Stefano Quer. A Probabilistic and Approximated Approach to Circuit-Based Formal Verification. Volume 5 (2008), pages 111-132.
  • Keywords: and-inverter graph, Boolean satisfiability, SAT-solvers, model checking, density, controllability.
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Marco Benedetti and Hratch Mangassarian. QBF-Based Formal Verification: Experience and Perspectives. Volume 5 (2008), pages 133-191.
  • Keywords: quantied Boolean formulas, formal verification, empirical evaluation.
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Michael Codish, Vitaly Lagoon, and Peter J. Stuckey. Solving Partial Order Constraints for LPO Termination. Volume 5 (2008), pages 193-215.
  • Keywords: Boolean satisfiability, lexicographic path orders, proving termination, term rewrite systems.
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Research notes

Eugene Goldberg. A Resolution Based SAT-solver Operating on Complete Assignments. Volume 5 (2008), research note, pages 217-242.
  • Keywords: SAT-solver, resolution, decision-making, local search, complete assignment.
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Lei Fang and Michael S. Hsiao. Boosting SAT Solver Performance via a New Hybrid Approach. Volume 5 (2008), research note, pages 243-261.
  • Keywords: satisfiability, DPLL, WalkSAT, hybrid.
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