Volume 6 Contents

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Stefan Szeider. Matched Formulas and Backdoor Sets. Volume 6 (2008), pages 1-12.
  • Keywords: maximum deficiency, backdoor sets, parameterized complexity.
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Utz-Uwe Haus, Klaus Truemper, and Robert Weismantel. Linear Satisfiability Algorithm for 3CNF Formulas of Certain Signaling Networks. Volume 6 (2008), pages 13-32.
  • Keywords: SAT algorithm, 2CNF, 3CNF, closed sum.
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Roman Gershman and Ofer Strichman. HaifaSat: a SAT solver based on an Abstraction/Refinement model. Volume 6 (2008), pages 33-51.
  • Keywords: SAT-solver, abstraction.
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Edward A. Hirsch, Arist Kojevnikov, Alexander S. Kulikov, and Sergey I. Nikolenko. Complexity of Semialgebraic Proofs with Restricted Degree of Falsity. Volume 6 (2008), pages 53-69.
  • Keywords: propositional proof system, lower bound, algebraic proof system, Cutting Planes, Lovasz-Schrijver proof system.
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Luís Gil, Paulo Flores, and Luís Miguel Silveira. PMSat: a parallel version of MiniSAT. Volume 6 (2008), pages 71-98.
  • Keywords: parallel computing, SAT-solver, satisfiability, message passing interface.
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Geoffrey Chu, Aaron Harwood, and Peter J. Stuckey. Cache Conscious Data Structures for Boolean Satisfiability Solvers. Volume 6 (2009), pages 99-120.
  • Keywords: Boolean satisfiability, cache-aware data structures.
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Christoph Buchheim and Giovanni Rinaldi. Terse Integer Linear Programs for Boolean Optimization. Volume 6 (2009), pages 121-139.
  • Keywords: pseudo-Boolean optimization, maximum satisfiability, cut polytope.
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Alexander Hertel and Alasdair Urquhart. Algorithms and Complexity Results for Input and Unit Resolution. Volume 6 (2009), pages 141-164.
  • Keywords: satisfiability, complexity, resolution, input resolution.
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Robert Brummayer and Armin Biere. Lemmas on Demand for the Extensional Theory of Arrays. Volume 6 (2009), pages 165-201.
  • Keywords: SMT, arrays, bit-vectors, decision procedures.
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Special Issue on Parallel SAT Solving
Editor: Youssef Hamadi

Tobias Schubert, Matthew Lewis, and Bernd Becker. PaMiraXT: Parallel SAT Solving with Threads and Message Passing. Volume 6 (2009), pages 203-222.
  • Keywords: parallel SAT solving, threads, message passing.
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Antti E. J. Hyvärinen, Tommi Junttila, and Ilkka Niemelä. Incorporating Clause Learning in Grid-Based Randomized SAT Solving. Volume 6 (2009), pages 223-244.
  • Keywords: propositional satisfiability, SAT solvers, clause learning, randomized search, distributed computing, computational grids.
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Youssef Hamadi, Said Jabbour, and Lakhdar Sais. ManySAT: a Parallel SAT Solver. Volume 6 (2009), pages 245-262.
  • Keywords: parallel search, dynamic restarts, extended clause learning.
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Youssef Hamadi. Conclusion to the Special Issue on Parallel SAT Solving.