Special Issues

JSAT's policy is to publish immediately after acceptance. This also holds for Special Issues. As a consequence, Special Issues will form an integrated (though readily recognized) part of the regular Volumes.

We encourage researchers to act as guest editors of special issues covering a particular topic or event related to the aims and scope of JSAT. These special issues will be peer reviewed. Based on the reviews the guest editors however may also include Research Notes if they share the opinion that they clearly contribute to the overall exposure of the event or topic. Research Notes will be designated as such and must be referenced to as such.

Authors of submissions which are rejected to be included in a particular special issue, but show clear potential after revising substantially according the reviewers comments, are encouraged to resubmit to the regular JSAT track. They may do so by resubmitting to the guest editor that was in charge, who will take care to consult the same reviewing team.