System Descriptions

JSAT is accepting contributions that focus on System Descriptions.

These contributions describe the internals of a SAT- (or MAXSAT-, QBF-, SMT-, ...) Solver. Such contributions are limited to six pages.

Papers in the system-description category are expected to describe a working, possibly useful, publicly available system that may be a solver or a related tool. Authors of the systems that enter an international competition recognized by the scientific community are especially invited to submit a system-description paper describing their system. In this case the usual criteria for a JSAT paper are relaxed. Accuracy, completeness and clarity of the description are the primary reviewing criteria. Relevant citations predating the work are expected.

Please submit System Description manuscripts to Daniel Le Berre or Allen Van Gelder. Clearly indicate that it involves a System Description contribution.

Preview of accepted system descriptions

Daniel Le Berre and Anne Parrain. The Sat4j library, release 2.2. Volume 7 (2010). PDF

Luca Pulina and Armando Tacchella. AQME'10. Volume 7 (2010). PDF